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Nazhi Angels

The Nazhi Thee Baker Angel Foundation Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to making a difference in advancing the awareness of Sickle Cell Anemia, so that strides will be made in finding a cure!

Our Mission: To inspire hope to those affected by Sickle Cell Anemia. We want to restore faith, love, laughter, joy and a sense of belonging...thus removing the feeling of loneliness! We came up with the concept of the TLC bags.

In each bag there are things that a child with sickle cell needs while in the hospital for several days at a time. We have jump ropes for healthy hearts, pinwheels for the kids to practice their breathing, socks for when they get cold and a host of other fun items like books and games to pass the time.

Awareness of the disease will reduce strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure, hip and knee replacements and the excruciating chronic pain that can often deform a child living with sickle cell.

Another goal is to educate! We want to bring light to the trigger foods that send children with sickle cell into a crisis episode. So many parents do not realize sickle cell children need to be on special diets to make sure they stay as healthy as possible.

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