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Nashanta Forrest, Executive Director

Nashanta Forrest is a SUPER Sickle Cell Mom! 

She and her husband Ricky are parents to Nazhi Thee Baker, The Forrest Sisters and their son, DJ.  It took many years of trial and error for Nashanta, affectionately known as Twinkle, to find the right food combinations and lifestyle changes that have helped keep her daughter off of medication. While learning about certain trigger foods and changing the diets of her daughters, Nashanta decided to be an example to her children and take on the challenge as well!  The result has been wonderful weight loss and sculpting her body into the fit woman you see today.  This became a family affair, as her son DJ and husband Ricky are now eating more healthy and it is bringing the family together in new ways that they never expected!

Nashanta holds a wealth of knowledge about food and fitness. She is always looking to help anyone that wants to make healthy lifestyle changes. 

#NashantaFitness Mission: is committed to making a difference in advancing the awareness of Sickle Cell Anemia through education on trigger foods. #NashantaFitness is also a resource for healthy living tips and advice on everyday fitness and life goals.

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