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Welcome to my website! I am a 14-year-old chef and entrepreneur. I have been baking for a few years now and I have also battled sickle cell anemia since birth.  One thing that makes me unique is that my two sisters also are fighting sickle cell! All three of us have a rare sickle cell trait that strikes all female children from my parents.
After the tragic experience of witnessing my older sister have a massive stroke in 2014, I learned more about the history of our over-looked disease. I learned about trigger foods and special dietary needs that help people living with sickle cell stay healthy.
Since I love to bake, I decided to find new ways to make treats that we love, while keeping them healthy.  I have a big sweet tooth, so it was hard to find a way to create the same taste. I kept on testing until I found a great formula that uses organic and natural ingredients.  Once my parents tasted what I was making, they knew I was on to something and Nazhi Thee Baker came to life!