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Nazhi Thee Baker



Nazhi Thee Baker, Social Kidpreneur, uses her amazing organically made baked goods, and service to families in need to Change the World.

 Nazhi Thee Baker, offers her famous organically prepared treats as an alternative to traditionally sugary and carb filled baked goods. Nazhi Forrest has battled Sickle Cell Anemia since birth. Uniquely she and both her sisters fight the rare affliction. 

Nahzi was inspired to find organic alternatives after her older sister suffered a massive stroke in 2014. Nazhi began educating herself about the history of Sickle Cell. She learned about what are called “Trigger Foods” that if eliminated could help people living with Sickle Cell stay healthy.




Nazhi took her natural talent and love for baking and began to explore New Ways to make the treats she loved in a Healthy Way while keeping the taste. Armed with her Big Sweet Tooth and organic and natural ingredients, Nazhi developed what is now her famous Mini Pound Cakes, Pecan Caramel Pound Cake, 50 Shades of Pink Strawberry Cake and more.tastebuds happy!

Nazhi Thee Baker Angel Foundation



Nazhi Thee Bakeris more than a Kidpreneur she is a Social Kidpreneur on a mission to support and serve. Nazhi with her mother Nashanta Forrest as Executive Director, runs the 501c3, Nazhi Thee Baker Angel Foundation. Nazhi Thee Baker Angel Foundation’s mission is to inspire hope to those affected by Sickle Cell Anemia, through hospital visits, care packages and provide a sense of community. Nazhi and Family, with proceeds from Baked Good Sales, prepare TLC bags to deliver to children in the hospital. Each bag has Jump ropes for healthy hearts, pinwheels for kids to practice breathing and socks for when they get cold along with other fun and thoughtful items.